Italian traditions



Pope Francis recently patronized the biggest Christmas tree in the world by turning on its lights. The tree is located in Gubbio, a lovely medieval town in central Italy, just 200 km away from Rome. The Pope could turn the lights on from His studio in the Vatican thanks to a tablet connected to the tree electric system in Gubbio; on the other side, the town’s inhabitants could see Him clicking the bottom through a public maxi screen.
Gubbio’s Christmas tree is erected on the ridge of Mount Ingino, and due to its size is included in the Guinness World Records since 1991. It is made of 550 light spots (300 green, 250 colored), 8500 m electric cables, 650 m high, topped by a comet 1000 m² wide. It will be kept enlightened until first half of January 2015.
Yes Hotel is at walking distance from Termini station: from here you can easily catch any local train for your daily trips outside Rome… even to Gubbio!



“Bellissima” is the italian word for “very beautiful”. But until 3 May 2015 it specifically means Italy & High Fashion: Maxxi Museum of Rome has just launched a new exhibit entirely dedicated to Italian fashion designers of the Fifties and Sixties. That was indeed the time when, moving away from French trends, iconic figures such as Valentino, Sorelle Fontana, Balestra, Gattinoni elaborated an original Italian way to conceive fashion. That was the time of Dolce Vita, the time when a rule-breaking artist like Andy Warhol defined Bulgari boutique in Via dei Condotti (just opposite to the Spanish Steps) the most beautiful museum of contemporary art in the world.
Where: “Bellissima: Italy and High Fashion 1945-1968″, Maxxi, via Guido Reni 4a.
When: every day 11am-7pm, Saturday 11am-10pm, Monday closed.
You can access Maxxi Museum with the Roma Pass, if you have it. Ask Yes Hotel staff for info on tickets and directions (from Termini station buses & metro available).



Da quasi quarant’anni il periodo natalizio a Roma è l’occasione per una mostra che celebra una delle più raffinate tradizioni di artigianato italiano: il presepe.
Nonostante il nome “100 Presepi” (che deriva dalla prima edizione, nel 1976) quest’anno è ospitata in realtà una selezione di oltre duecento scene della natività, provenienti da tutte le regioni d’Italia e dall’estero. I presepi in mostra sono diversi ogni anno e l’aspetto più curioso riguarda i loro materiali, davvero i più inimmaginabili: corallo, plexiglass, foglie di mais, porcellana, ferro battuto, cartapesta, cioccolata, pane, gusci di frutti di mare, paste alimentari, candele d’auto, e perfino matite. Per agevolare le premiazioni finali, le opere sono state suddivise in 4 categorie: presepi esteri, artistici, di fantasia, e presepi realizzati da associazioni o scuole.
La mostra mira a valorizzare un’arte che nacque al tempo di San Francesco e che in alcuni casi esemplifica grandiosamente l’eccellenza dell’artigianato italiano (basti pensare alla notissima via dei presepi a Napoli).
Sono previsti laboratori speciali per bambini.
Dove: Sale del Bramante, adiacenti alla Chiesa di Santa Maria del Popolo – Piazza del Popolo.
Quando: tutti i giorni (inclusi festivi) fino al 6 gennaio 2015, 9:30-20:00.
Da Yes Hotel si raggiunge comodamente Piazza del Popolo in sole quattro fermate di metro (linea A).

Why not Cezanne in Rome?


Considered a master by Matisse and Picasso, the bridge between late 19th-century Impressionism and the early 20th century’s Cubism ,  Paul Cezanne’s immortal legacy will be present in Rome for what is probably one most interesting exhibitions of the Year.

The name of the event is ‘‘Cezanne and the Italian Artists of the twentieth century’’.  It takes place at the Complesso del Vittoriano, just around the corner from Piazza Venezia, at the very heart of the City Centre. Easy to reach from our location with the underground B, stop Colosseo or with the Bus 40, stop Piazza Venezia.

Here follows for you the ticket prices and admission time:


Individuals: 12 euro

Groups: 9 euro

Over 65 years 9 euro

Children under 6 year old free admission

Admission time and dates:

Monday to Thursday from 9:30 to 19:30;
Friday and Saturday from 9.30 to 23.30;
Sundays from 9.30 to 20.30.

The exhibition will be on until February 2nd 2014. Enjoy it !!!!

The Azaleas of the Spanish Steps


Living in Rome is full of small joys and one of our favorites is to see the city bloom in April, as if waking up from its winter sleep.

The ritual sign that let you know officialy that spring has arrived are the Azaleas of the Spanish Steps. Every year for the last 75 years the staircase is decorated towards the end of April with flowers that contribute to the feeling of joy that pervades the city when winter is left behind.

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Rome Welcomes Pope Francis

Il nuovo Papa Jorge Mario Bergoglio con il nome di Francesco I

So, we finally have a Pope.

The world was surprised to learn the election was so quick, but was even more surprised to learn that the new pope – who will go under the name Francesco, or Francis in English- was Jorge Mario Bergoglio, archbishop of Buenos Aires, who wasn’t included in any of the preliminary lists made by Vatican experts and probability whizzes at the gambling companies around the world. As the  Roman saying  goes, whoever enters the conclave as a pope, leaves as a cardinal.

With hindsight, the election of archbishop Bergoglio, who will become the first pope to arrive from outside Europe, is a smart one. An austere man who chose his papal name inspired by Saint Francis of Assisi, he is sure to bring warmth and vigour to the church he is called to lead, that without mentioning the immense reserve of devotion and support he will find in Latin America, where the majority of the population is catholic.

Next Sunday, Pope Francis will offer his first Angelus, the public blessing the pope offers every week at noon. It will be a great opportunity to be part of a historical event! If you need help with your accomodation in Rome, don’t hesitate to contact us, or check our website to get the  best rates in the Eternal City!

Rome: Conclave to Elect New Pope Starts Today


Today, cardinals from all around the world will meet in Rome to elect a new leader for the catholic church.

According to the Italian media there are a couple of strong names, namely cardinal Scola from Milano and cardinal Scherer from Sao Paolo but none of them seems to be able to get the 77 votes that are necessary to reach the majority of the preferences. Specialists do not expect a quick decision but it’s almost certain that the new pope will be elected before the week ends, probably on Sunday, a possibility that the city council has already contemplated, making arrangements to move the annual city marathonf from the morning to the evening in case Sunday turns out to be the big day.

Tonight rains in Rome and there is in the air a feel of anticipation while the eyes and cameras of the world turn to the Sistine chapel waiting for the white smoke signal that will open the next chapter in the history of catholicism.

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Is the name of the exhibition that takes place in the Museo di Roma from 5th December, 2012 until.7th April 2013. Sketches that gave birth to immortal masterpieces will provide a genuine prospective of the creation process by the great Canova.

Antonio Canova (1757-1822) became famous for bringing back the classical elegance after the fire of baroque style with all its passionate excess cooled down a bit. His solid and graceful marble nudes are vibrant and unquestionably alive, in a radiant white full of splendour.

Opening time from 10.00 until 20.00 from Tuesday to Sunday, admission ticket is 11 euros.. For booking try Infoline: tel. +39 060608 (daily, from 9:00 to 21:00) or visit

Museo di Roma is located in Piazza San Pantaleo, 10 near Piazza Navona. (a 15 minutes bus ride from our location). For more info