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If designer clothing is what you look for but want to have a have a discounted price from the retail price, there are plenty of outlet shops located in the vicinity of Rome. Shopping in outlets not only give you the same quality pieces that you normally find in boutiques but you can find them in a very discounted price. These pieces are last season ago or some are a couple of seasons ago so you might not be able to find here the latest trends in the fashions magazines. But then again, fashion come and go and come back again. And if you find a very classic piece that can last for a couple of years.

The closest designer outlet shop located just half-hour car ride from Rome is Castel Romano Designer Outlet. This outlet carries high end brands like Burberry, Salvatore Ferragamo, Valentino and Roberto Cavalli, just to name a few. There are other shops that are middle ranged and sport clothing like Nike and Puma, so the choices for different shoppers are endless.

Other outlets shops are located a bit further from Rome, some 2-3 hour car ride to the direction for Florence. One of the most celebrated outlet in Italy is the biggest Prada outlet which carries the exquisite Prada pieces from accessories to Ready-to-wear with discount from 30-70%. Another outlet located about half hour car ride is The Mall. This outlet carries top designer shops like Gucci, Fendi, Dior, Balenciaga, Tod’s and Bottega Veneta, to name a few. Discounts ranges from 30-70% off the retail price from the boutiques. During sale seasons in January and August, further reductions from the outlet prices are applied. Some shops even put up last item bins or racks that has really impressive discount prices!!

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Become a Gladiator in Rome!!!


The most exciting experience, that will take you back in time not only to understand a very special aspect of daily life in Ancient Rome, but to feel it in a unique way. The Gladiator School in Rome run by the Gruppo Storico Romano (enthusiastic volunteers willing to tell you everything they know about Rome) provides this opportunity.

First a  history lesson: weapons, costumes and models from Ancient Rome. Then, the gladiator style warm up (dressed in a kind of toga) with belt, sandals and a wooden training sword called a ‘rudis’. The rest of the time at gladiator school is about learning different techniques of attack and defence using your wooden sword. When you’ve proved yourself with that, you’ll move on to use the ‘gladius’, the heavier sword which gave gladiators their name

gladiator shool2

The activity is good for both adults and kids (thou for children over 6 years old). The price depends on the size of the group that makes the booking. The school is located at Via Appia Antica 18, which is just a short cab ride from the Coliseum and a wonderful complement to its visit.

I came to know about it for clients that tried it and found it the most interesting and funny! ( So now  I have to try it myself,  maybe I will see you there. Why not?)



Ecstasy of Bernini!


During the 17th century the Great Gian Lorenzo Bernini (the creator of the Baroque style of sculpture) completed one of his most celebrated masterpieces: The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa.

Just five minutes walking distance from our hotel, on Via XX Settembre, inside the Santa Maria della Vittoria Church.

The scene represented is the union of matter and spirit referred by Teresa of Avila, the Spanish mystic on her book ‘‘The Life of Santa Teresa of Jesus’’. In the book she describes her experience of religious ecstasy in her encounter with an angel: ‘’I saw in his hand a long spear of gold, and at the iron’s point there seemed to be a little fire. He appeared to me to be thrusting it at times into my heart’’.

But yet, as you leave the church another great masterpiece, from the same artist is waiting  just five minutes from there: The Triton Fountain.

fontana bernini

Located in the Piazza Barberini and executed in travertine. It shows  at its centre the powerful figure of the Triton, the sea god from the Greco- Roman Mythology.  The fountain has a base of four dolphins that entwine the papal tiara (crown).

In times the idea was the most original: a sculptural fountain, like those from villa gardens, for the first time in a public urban setting. Always before public fountains in the city of Rome had been just passive basins for the reception of public water.

A short walk from Yes Hotel to find two jewels of the Baroque for your own delight. See you soon here, in this beautiful City.




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If you happen to be traveling in Italy on February, I would like to familiarize you with a festival called “Carnevale”. It is most celebrated in Venice, where it first began, but all of Italy is festive during this period. This year, Carnevale started on the 12th of January and will end on the 24th of February.


The 19th of February is called “giovedì grasso” or “mardi gras” in other countries and it is the peak of the festival, when adults and children dress up and participate in the various activities organized throughout Italy. In Rome, where I experienced Carnevale, there are many activities such as theatre plays  and activities in the museums for the young and theme nights in the pubs and dance clubs for adults .

 carnevaleCarnevale time is mostly for children, where they wear costumes almost every day and go around the streets throwing confetti, however for adults “giovedì grasso” is a sort of Halloween where you can either dress up totally or just wear a mask. The last weekend before February the 24th is very fun with many parades organized throughout the city and towns nearby. There are many typical pastries to eat such as “frappe” and the city becomes more colorful with confetti covering the streets. This festive time is celebrated by young and old and it’s an experience I recommend to anyone traveling to Rome during this time. Information is available on internet, on the city of Rome website and posted in the various pubs and dance clubs.

To experience the carnival in Rome and get a taste of many others Italian traditions make a booking in the strategically-located Yes Hotel or Hotel des Artistes!


Rome for the kids

Yes its holiday time and you have decided to come to Rome. The whole family is coming and that means the kids too. However your motives for going and theirs may be a bit different.
This brings up the whole exciting issue of you entertaining them and trying not to tear your hair out at the same time. To make things a little easier here are a couple of ideas of places to go and things to do. segway.jpg



Fortunately Rome has quite a few open spaces and very nice parks. There are pedal go-karts and bicycles available for hire in Villa Borghese as well as roller-blades and the big 4 seater family pedal bikes. If your kids are still quite small a better option would definately be the family bicycles. That way you dont have to run like a crazy person after them when they pick up a bit of speed. Another spot you can also go to for some fun is to Piazza del Popolo, which is right next to the park. Here you can hire segways and go all around the piazza and down Via del Corso too.




There are also fun rides like merry-go-rounds and the other usual stuff that will entertain them and make some great memories too. There is also a bio park and zoo located in Borghese park. There is also a kids museum called Explora at Via Flaminia 60. I have seen it packed all the time with kids so it must be pretty popular.




Another really nice idea would be to take a carriage ride from Piazza di Spagna. There is space for about 5 or 6 people. Cost varies, please make sure you find out prices  before you get on and exactly how much it is going to cost to where you want to go.

There is another place to take them which is down Via del Corso. The time elevator is here and it will take the kids on a journey through Romes 2500 year history. The nice thing about all these places and activities is that they are really very close together and they are also near the other things that the big people, like you, may find a lot more interesting.

To avoid disapointment another word of advice i would suggest is to find good accomendation which is well located in Rome.


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