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Yes Hotel - Rome restaurants

Yes Hotel Rome is centrally located and is surrounded by a wide selection of wining and dining solutions that offer the possibility to eat indoors or outdoors alfresco style.

We have handpicked a few local trattorias and restaurants where you can experience traditional roman and Italian dishes, with fresh ingredients and good prices to match!

It is always advisable to try and avoid tourist traps and here at Yes Hotel we would be happy to share our recommendations with you and once you have arrived in our rome hotel would be more than happy to make reservations for you.

Grappolo D’oro
Via Palestro 04/10, Rome
Closed on Sundays and Saturdays for lunch
Guests staying at Yes Hotel can enjoy a 10% discount.

Grappolo D’oro is a dining experience you won’t forget in a hurry. This warm, inviting restaurant is close by our rome accommodation and has both indoor and outdoor eating options. The classy environment is decorated in soft colours with suggestive lighting and the extensive buffet on display as you enter the restaurant is very tempting. Their main speciality is fish but they also offer home made pasta with wonderful vegetable sauces and a great selection of desserts for those who just don’t know when to stop! Service is impeccable. Ask our staff to make reservations for you and don’t forget to take take advantage of the 10% disount for Yes Hotel guests.

I Leoni D’Abruzzo
Via Vicenza 44, Rome
Closed on sundays
Guests staying at Yes Hotel can enjoy a 10% discount.

I Leoni D’Abruzzo is perfect for a good plate of pasta in a friendly atmosphere with good service. Alocal trattoria that specializes in fresh dishes including meat, fish and vegetables at reasonable rates. Also has the possibility to eat outdoors in warmer weather. The actual dining hall is small and cosy, the classic trattoria ‘all’italiano’ where you can experience the roman ‘amatriciana’ (pasta in a bacon sauce’ or a good mushroom risotto, I Leoni D’Abruzzo have a wide selection to suit everyone all to be accompanied with a good house wine. Yes Hotel is pleased to announce that I Leoni D’Abruzzo offer 10% discount to our guests.

Ristorante Da Vincenzo
Via Castelfidardo 6, Rome
Closed on Sundays
Guests staying at Yes Hotel can enjoy a 10% discount.

Ristorante Da Vincenzo is a great fish restaurant with ample space and various rooms to dine in. The décor is simple and inviting with wood panelled walls and a warming ambience created with the walls lamps, but the real attraction is the great fish dishes that they create from lobster to fried king prawns, roast fish and potatoes and much much more. Used frequently by locals (always a good sign) Da Vincenzo can get busy and our staff would be more that happy to pre-book for you. All guests profit from 10% disount.

Ristornate Mino
Via Magenta 48, Rome
Open everyday
Guests staying at Yes Hotel can enjoy a 10% disount

Ristorante Mino is a large restaurant very close by that has an extensive menu to suit absolutely everyone! Just for starters you can choose from clam or mussel sauté sicillian sword fish rolls or grilled squid with rughetta….for those less adventurous there is ham and melon, vegetarian platters and a selection of soups. Main courses range from everything to steaks, grilled chops to pasta and fish dishes with the speciality of the restaurant being the ‘Rigatoni alla Carcerata’ (pasta in a crème fraiche, pea, sausage and mushroom sauce). Clients also benefit from a 10% disount.

Pizzeria Del Secolo
Via Palestro 62, Rome
Open everyday

Pizzeria Del Secolo. Looking for a light lunch or a snack on the run?, Pizzeria Del Secolo has the best take away pizza in the city! (or at least we think so!) All pizza is baked to perfection leaving a light crispy base and fresh toppings allowing you to eat plenty without feeling full and stodgy. Types of pizza range from the classic margherita to potato and sausage, turkey and lettuce, prawns and mayonnaise, spicy potato, courgettes and egg, cherry tomatoes and artichokes and plenty more! Pizza is cut to the portion you require allowing you to try different tastes all in one sitting! Can often be pretty busy but they have a ticket system so you can be sure of no queue jumpers.

Feeling hungry? You can be sure with a stay at Yes Hotel that a great range of Italian cuisine is on your doorstep!


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